Leadership Team

Jameson Foskey, Practice Director

Jameson Foskey brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as Practice Director at Hire Health. With a background rooted in healthcare and healthcare IT recruiting, Jameson has a keen understanding of the industry’s nuances, specializing in placements for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals. His approach to healthcare consulting and recruiting is marked by a dedication to providing tailored solutions and building lasting partnerships, prioritizing client success over sales figures.

Aside from his professional life, Jameson finds joy in spending time with his family. He and his wife, Miles, are proud parents to their son, Tate. Together, they enjoy caring for their beloved pets, a German Shepherd named Korver and a German Short-haired Pointer known as Ryker. Jameson also enjoys pursuing his interests in golf, basketball, and tennis, as well as exploring new destinations through travel. His commitment to excellence and passion for both his work and personal life make him a valuable asset to the Hire Health team.