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In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, attracting and retaining exceptional leadership is crucial to sustainable success. For more than 20 years, Hire Health has partnered with healthcare and life science organizations to help fill their executive and C-suite roles and accelerate growth.

What Is Executive Search?

Executive search is a highly specialized recruitment process offered by third-party agencies to help healthcare organizations identify, recruit, and secure qualified candidates for senior-level and executive positions.

This process differs from traditional recruitment methods because executive search focuses exclusively on organization leaders and C-level executives. Standard staffing solutions typically prioritize entry-level and mid-level candidates. Executive search also emphasizes alignment and results, seeking out candidates with the right skill sets and who best reflect an organization’s company culture.

Additionally, executive search focuses on identifying and recruiting passive candidates—leaders who may not be actively seeking new employment opportunities or career changes. Executive search specialists proactively approach and engage with these potential candidates, making the process more personal and thorough.

Executive Search Process Overview

At Hire Health, we take a personalized approach to our executive search processes, which include five core phases:

Goal Setting

Establishing an organization’s goals, expectations, priorities and challenges

Stretegy Design

Crafting a customized search strategy and conducting targeted market research and analysis

Candidate Outreach

Approaching potential candidates directly and evaluating their skills, expertise, and personalities

Shortlist Development

Developing a short list of qualified candidates for interviews

Support Services

Offering post-search support, including conducting background checks, negotiating compensation, and progress check-ins

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Two Models, One Path to Success

Hire Health provides two types of executive search models: retained and contingent. While both processes promise optimal outcomes, organizations should decide which model is right for them.


Contingent Search

A contingent search model is best for healthcare organizations prioritizing speed and volume. Recruitment firms will generate numerous candidates that meet your minimum requirements for each role. As the name suggests, you won’t pay until a candidate has been hired in this pay-per-hire model.

The top benefits of contingency search include:

No Prepayment

Zero up-front costs, since you won’t pay until the right candidate has been hired


It doesn’t require exclusive contracts, allowing healthcare organizations to partner with multiple recruitment agencies simultaneously

HR Support

Alleviates HR from the time and effort of finding the right individual for any given role

Candidate Volume

Larger volume of candidates

While the contingent search model is great for organizations wanting to fill first-level managerial positions, it may not be as effective for filling crucial senior leadership roles.

Retained Search

Unlike the contingent search model, which focuses on quantity, retained search prioritizes candidate quality and fit. This model is best for healthcare organizations that must fill Director to C-level roles, often requiring critical leadership talent.

During a retained search, a life science or healthcare organization will partner with one recruitment agency exclusively. This partnership typically lasts for a mutually agreed-upon “exclusivity” period or for the duration of the search.

Retained search models have much longer timelines than contingent search processes, often lasting 90 to 180 days until completion. This is because the search firm will target passive prospects who are not actively seeking new employment opportunities.

Some of the top benefits of retained search include:


Industry Expertise

Deep healthcare industry knowledge

Talent Analytics

Leveraging data-driven insights to optimize talent acquisition, development, and retention strategies

Passive Candidates

A pool of passive, highly-qualified candidates

Dedicated Team

A dedicated team focused on meeting your unique hiring needs and expectations

Skill Evaluation

Comprehensive vetting of a prospect’s skills and qualifications

Candidate Showcase

Pre-qualified and exclusive candidate presentations

Rather than paying upon hire, you will pay a retainer to kick off the search, and then additional fees per hired candidate. While the retained search process is longer than a contingent search, it’s much more thorough and better supports your organization’s culture, strategy, and long-term growth goals.

Benefits of Executive Search with Hire Health

When you choose Hire Health as your executive search partner, you tap into over two decades of deep, healthcare-focused knowledge. We understand the pivotal roles C-level executives play in helping organizations reach their goals and enrich patient care. That’s why we take a thoughtful, tailored, strategic approach, ensuring we will find professionals whose values and chemistry align with your corporate culture, ensuring you both succeed and they stay.

Hire Health is committed to forging strong, long-lasting relationships between healthcare organizations and knowledgeable executives. We can help your organization find the best candidates for numerous C-suite roles, including:

Chief Executive Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Talent Development
Director of Account Management
Director of Inside Sales & Customer Service
Director of Revenue Cycle Management
We’re in the business of building passionate, empowering connections that foster change and improve the quality of life for both prospects and patients.

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Executive Search FAQs

What’s the difference between contingency and retained search?

Contingency search prioritizes speed and quantity. Search firms operate on a pay-per-hire basis, meaning payment only occurs upon successful candidate placement. This often results in access to highly active candidates in the market.

On the other hand, retained search engagements involve a client partnering with a recruiting firm exclusively to pinpoint top talent for open positions. The client initiates the search with a retainer and pays a fee upon hiring. While this payment structure may seem less favorable, it allows the recruitment firm to focus on quality rather than speed. The retained partnership is exclusive, enabling the recruiter to deeply understand the client’s ideal candidate profile, encompassing credentials, skills, and cultural fit. Subsequently, the recruiting firm delves into passive candidate pools to identify and attract the most suitable talent for the client’s organization.

When should I use retained search services?

If you’ve encountered difficulty filling a particular position directly, it could indicate a need for a specialized skill set or qualifications. In such cases, a retained recruitment service becomes a viable option, especially if contingency recruiting has yielded no success.

Engaging a retained recruiter proves advantageous for organizations aiming to recruit senior management or directors. Retained recruiters possess the motivation, resources, and time to identify elusive candidates who may not be easily accessible.

When time is a critical factor in your recruitment process, a retained recruiter becomes a lifesaver. They efficiently utilize their comprehensive resources and advanced search techniques to swiftly locate the talent your company requires, relieving you of the recruitment pressures.

What is executive search?

Executive search is a specialized recruitment service that focuses on sourcing qualified candidates for C-suite and senior-level positions. Leveraging their expertise and resources, they find the most suitable candidates in the market who align with your organization’s criteria and job requirements. This personalized approach also engages passive candidates.

Furthermore, an executive search firm serves as an extension of your company’s HR department. In addition to filling immediate vacancies, they can establish a candidate pipeline for future executive roles within your organization.

Why should I use executive search solutions?

Partnering with an executive recruitment agency offers several key advantages, including expertise, specialization, and a strategic approach to sourcing. These firms possess the know-how to swiftly identify top executive professionals for your open positions by tapping into their extensive networks and healthcare-specific knowledge. Often, the ideal candidate for your senior-level role may not be within your immediate sphere, but executive search firms excel in uncovering these hidden talents.

Moreover, they conduct thorough research and talent mapping, streamlining the hiring process while also managing salary negotiations and facilitating seamless onboarding.

Collaborating with an executive recruiting firm also provides access to a global network of talent, invaluable external guidance, and a shield against poor hiring decisions.

What is Hire Health’s executive search process?

The search process may differ based on the specific role you’re aiming to fill, but we always personalize our strategies to your hiring needs and goals.

The typical steps involved in our process include:

  1. Defining objectives and specifications
  2. Sourcing and screening candidates
  3. Conducting interviews
  4. Selecting top candidates
  5. Final candidate selection and hiring

Awards & Recognition

We take pride in being recognized for our dedication to excellence in healthcare recruitment. Our awards demonstrate a proven track record of success in connecting top talent with leading healthcare organizations, including:

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